The Vision to Translate The Chosen into 600 Languages by the Come and See Foundation

Below are online articles and videos about the vision to translate The Chosen television series into 600 languages. These will be audio translations into many languages and also subtitles into many languages.

Come and See Foundation

Angel Studios

The Chosen Subtitled Languages and Dubbed Audio


With 90 languages, the Christian series “The Chosen” reaches thousands of people around the world

Christian Film Blog

The Chosen" Pushes to Fund Season 4 and Reach 600 Languages

CHVN Radio 95.1 FM

The Chosen partnering with ministry to spread gospel in 600 languages

Christian Headlines

The Chosen’ Expands to 90 Languages: ‘We Won’t Stop’ Until ‘Jesus Comes,’ Producer Says


The Chosen in Every Language


The Chosen in multiple languages

Movie Guide

The Chosen to be Available in 600 Languages under new partnership

Saved News

The Chosen to Be Translated into 600 Languages under New Partnership

The Chosen in many languages